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    Encore CS6 won't recognize Disk media


      I just bought CC so I could get access to Encore CS6 and burn Blu-ray and DVD. Specifically I want to be able to encode 2 Pass VBR Blu-ray and have it work in Encore with no work around.


      That works fine. But I can't burn a disk.


      Windows 8.1 Pro

      Brand New System Core i7 4770K GTX 760 16 GB RAM

      Pioneer BDR-208

      Also went back and tried a working BDR 206 from another system.

      The BDR writes fine direct from Windows.


      Already un-installed and downloaded and re-installed CS6.


      Project authors great.

      Choose Build Disk - Write speed is not available.

      Tell it go ahead anyway.

      Says to put Blu-ray Media into drive and hit okay.


      Media used include Verbatim BD-RE that works fine in the system sitting beside this one with same drive and CS5.

      Verbatim BD-R labelled

      Falcon Media BD-R Print to Center Inkjet


      AND I tried a DVD project with Verbatim DVD-R. DVD shows the write speed selector, but still refuses to acknowledge a disk is in the drive.


      Only thing I didn't do was download and install Libraries and Styles. Doing that download now, but since I never use stock items it's a real waste of my time and space.


      I need this urgently. This project is the only reason I bought the CC product.

      Anyone else know the answer?

      Is there a PxEngine update somewhere?





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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Many of us can't effectively troubleshoot such problems because we stopped using Encore to burn several versions ago and haven't tried since.


          Most of us use ImgBurn.


          That workaround did not bother me much because I always liked having a folder/image version for archive anyway. And at best, Encore's burning process is very basic.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Adding to what Stan said about Imgburn...


            Have Encore create an ISO and then use the FREE http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download to write to disc (send the author a PayPal donation if you like his program)


            Read http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1322583 for notes on installing Imgburn WITHOUT any toolbar add-ons


            As well as ISO burning, I use Imgburn for ALL of my file/folder writing to disc

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              TVGDave Level 1

              Thanks for the well intentioned responses, but I want to use Encore.


              I never use 'free' products. Only commercially released, paid products and I have what I need for that.

              Using a free download to work around a paid product issue because the company won't support their paid clients even when it's on a monthly subscription is just not acceptable.


              Almost as bad as the "adobe' tech support operator who wanted to enter my system to look at it and first had me go to a free download site instead of the Adobe Connect option. I had to ask if installing that free app was an Adobe Endorsed process before she took me to Adobe Connect.


              At this point tech support has not provided an answer I didn't come up with on my own, n'or is the operator assigned able to confirm if the time consuming process I'm now engaged in will get me the solution. Sure felt like I was being time punched out so she could keep her call record looking good.


              Now if anyone else has actually had this problem and found the solution, please do let me know, but as much as I appreciate the effort, please no 3rd party work arounds.


              Thank you,



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                cvid01 Level 4

                Trust Mr. Smith. I use imgburn for all my burning as well. It is not entirely free, in that it asks for a donation. It is a very good product. All my DVDs this year (>600) were made by building an ISO image from Encore, then burning a DVD using imgburn. Not a problem with any disc. The process is faster and unproblematic.