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    Why it jump into the new line in the middle of a sentence?


      Dear All,


      I have a problem while making my user instruction.


      I am using Indesign CS6 both Mac and PC version. (international language version, operation language: english. )


      When i input a very long line, sometimes it forced to break my sentence into 2 lines while the first line is far away from the right corner.

      Just like this:


      1.     In practical use, unsynchronization can be caused by many reasons, such as different start time and connection time to console. You can           change the value of fader to fix them (e.g. adjust from 20 to 0 and back to 20)

      2.     Due to crystal frequency deviation among different luminaires,
                unsynchronization will appear after a long time running.

      3.     Two ways to keep synchronization during long time running:




      as you can see, the point 1 and point 3 are normal, but in point 2(highlighted in red), you can see it breaks in the middle and become two lines.


      I am sure that i didn't type any breaks between the two halfs of the sentence.



      Any body can answer this question? Thank you very much!