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    How can learner rewind narrated Captivate software simulation imported into Presenter 9?


      We are using Captivate 7 to record and narrate software simulations and importing the swf file into Presenter 9. We do not want the learner to see two playback controls (Captivate and Presenter) when they navigate to software simulation slides in the published Presenter file. We removed the Captivate controls before publishing and exporting into Presenter. What the learner cannot control is rewinding a little to hear something again in the software simulation. The Presenter rewind button goes back to the previous slide.


      Does anyone know if there is a way to allow the learner to rewind just a little to hear and view something again in the imported narrated Captivate file viewed in Presenter using the Presenter controls?  If this is not possible, what can we do so they can control this?