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    Flex strings never cleared from the memory


      I have this weird problem for a while and try to solve it to look up on the net for proper solution but still I am clueless.

      When I check my application's memory usage with flex profiler (4.6) the portion of String keep increasing and eventually reach the point of crash.

      And I pin pointed where this increasing occurs from my application's source code.

      It is the local string variable that I passed to Json.decode(). It never cleared.
      All the instance of the json string that I got from the socket server remains in the memory til app crashes even if profiler says there is 0 path to the String.

      I don't know how to clear these Strings. It only keeps growing.

      Please help me. I have been struggled with this for a week now.

      Thanks for any support in advance.

      ![enter image description here][1]

      portion of my source code that I think the source of the leak is as following.

         protected function evtserverReseved(event:ProgressEvent):void{
            var tmpArr:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
          var tempByteArray:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
          socEvtServer.readBytes(tmpArr, 0, socEvtServer.bytesAvailable);

           tempByteArray.writeBytes(leftOverMessageNotify, 0, leftOverMessageNotify.length);
          tempByteArray.writeBytes(tmpArr, 0, tmpArr.length);

          leftOverMessageNotify = new ByteArray();

         private function parseByteArray(rawArray:ByteArray):void{
          if(( rawArray[0] == 0x30 || rawArray[0] == 0x31 ) && rawArray[1] == 0x00 ){
           var log:String = "";
           for(var i:int=0; i<16; i++){
             log += rawArray[i]-48;
           sizeOfFullListNotify = uint(log);
           commonFunction.printLog("Event Server eventNotify sizeOfFullListNotify=" + sizeOfFullListNotify);
           rawArray.position = 16;
          var tempIdx:uint = rawArray.position;
          var tempLength:uint = rawArray.length;

          if(sizeOfFullListNotify <= tempLength - tempIdx){
           var tempArray:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
           var tempLeftOver:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
           var j:uint;
           for(j=0; j <sizeOfFullListNotify ; j++){
            tempArray[j] = rawArray[j+tempIdx];
           var euckrString:Object = tempArray.readMultiByte( tempArray.length,"euc-kr").replace(" ","").replace("\n","");
           //commonFunction.printLog("Total memory=" + flash.system.System.totalMemory +", Free memory=" + flash.system.System.freeMemory + ", Event Server eventNotify JSON 수신 data size=" +euckrString.toString().length+ ", body=" + euckrString.toString() );

            var ob:Object = com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON.decode(euckrString.toString());
           commonFunction.printLog("Total memory=" + flash.system.System.totalMemory +", Free memory=" + flash.system.System.freeMemory + ", Event Server eventNotify JSON data size=" +euckrString.length+ ", body=" + euckrString );
             if(ob.method != null){
           }else if(!(ob.result is String)){
            //confirm for registerEventNotify
            commonFunction.printLog("confirm for registerEventNotify");
           if(sizeOfFullListNotify < tempLength - tempIdx){
            for(var k:uint=0; k <tempLength-tempIdx-sizeOfFullListNotify ; k++){
             tempLeftOver[k] = rawArray[k+j+tempIdx];
            //leftOverMessageNotify = new ByteArray();
           //leftOverMessageNotify = rawArray;
           for(var i:int = 0 ; i<rawArray.length ; i++){
            leftOverMessageNotify[i] = rawArray[i];
           rawArray = null;

      var euckrString:Object(String) is the portion that never cleared from the memory.
      It keeps stacking till crashes.