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    Help with multiple ADE accounts


      Hi, I have a bit of a problem and was hoping someone more wise in the ways of Adobe could help me out, as my searching has failed so far. Back when I first got into ereading, I discovered Sony and set myself an account with them under my college email. Then I was given my Kobo Vox, which I setup under my personal email, and have mostly used since. I am going to be losing the college email, and my old prs-350 sony is dying. Back then I didn't realize that doing it that way created two different Adobe ID's. I was wondering if there was some way to merge the accounts under my personal email,and keep both sets of books. I know if I sign in to the ADE website, I can change my email address, will that make it so all the books from both stores will have the same Adobe ID? Or can I call Adobe customer service and have them do it? Has anyone managed that?