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    New system quandry

    Reel Inspirations Level 1

      OK, here goes.


      I do a fair bit of AE and C4D work as well as standard editing in Adobe CC and some older projects in FCP 7.x.


      I currently own a Mac Pro 3,1 with dual quad core 3.0 GHz and 16GB RAM and a Quadro 4000 Mac graphics card. It's pretty long in the tooth.


      I've contemplated purchasing a Window PC with i7 4930 CPU, etc. from ADK.


      However, I've been reading up on the new Haswell-E that's supposed to come out Q3/Q4 of 2014. There is a lot of hype out there about how this is a 'game' changer for PCs.


      Here's the deal. I need something now. I'm contemplating purchasing something like this: Apple Mac Pro 3.46GHz 6 Core QX 5.1 16GB RAM as I'll always have a Mac in my office even if I eventually go the PC route. I'd use this as a stop-gap.




      Then, when Haswell-E comes out, get a PC.


      I could wait for the new MacPro, but I really need something now as I have 2-3 project over the next month or so where I could really use a speed boost.




      Thanks much!

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          My suggestion would be to go with the 4930k system now.


          For me, considering your situation, it even sounds like a no-brainer!



          1) PCs are better aligned with the proper hardware to do video editing now and likely into the forseeable future.


          Note: Apple owned the prosumer video editing space at one time, but those days are over. Steve Jobs was big on doing "end-to-end" solutions where Apple controlled all aspects of the hardware, software, codecs, etc. And with the iPhones and iPads they still do maintain a lot of control and those remain very compelling solutions where they compete. For video, composting, etc. however, PCs are arguably doing a lot better than Apple at all price-points to run Adobe video editing and other high-powered composting software. PCs provide dual-Xeon solutions now, affordable nVidia cuda GPUs, lots of drive expandability, etc. The list goes on and on.


          2) There is always a newer faster technology that is months away. Today's PCs really rock for what you are doing.


          3) If you go with a PC now, you can upgrade significant parts of it without throwing the whole system out. Apple will never allow this kind of partial upgrade during the life of your system.





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            Reel Inspirations Level 1

            Yeah, that's how I'm leaning at this point, just wish ADK wasn't 4-weeks out on their systems :-)