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    Unable to perform an unattended uninstallation of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4

    Soumen Ray



      I have been able to create an unattended installer for the Adobe Technical Communications Suite 4 using the AAMEE v3.1.


      However, I am having difficulty performing an unattended uninstallation for the same.


      The uninstall string in the registry is :


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\core\PDApp.exe" --appletID="DWA_UI" --appletVersion="2.0" --mode="Uninstall" --mediaSignature="{A9A31111-475C-403B-A5D1-0E79748B723F}"


      The product uninstalls successfully with this command but in full GUI.


      So far I've been quite reluctant to find the silent switch to PDApp.exe.


      I have the following questions :


      1. Is there a silent switch to PDApp.exe, that could be used to uninstall TCS 4 ?


      2. Can we create a silent uninstaller for TCS 4 using AAMEE, just as we created a silent installer ?


      3. If none of the above mentioned is possible, is there a workaround ?


      Please help. Any lead would be helpful to get to the solution.


      Thanks in advance.