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    Adding spaces to inDesign Data Merges


      I'm looking for a solution to a problem which I run into all the time while doing data merges.


      I know that you can not include a space in a line if you want inDesign to remove blank lines.  Sometimes, though, I want to add a space IF there is text in one of the fields.


      An example:

      <<Address 1>><<comma>><<Address 2>>


      I've added a field in the CSV file which will add a comma if there is data in the Address 2 field.  The CSV file, though, won't save a space as an option to add.  I would like to not have to go through the entire 200 pages of final merged document to check for this space.


      I tried adjusting kerning in the pre-merge file, and it looks like it will work, until I click the preview button, at which time the kerning resets to normal.


      Is there a solution for adding spaces only if there is data in the Address 2 and comma fields?