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    After Effects CC 12.2 crashing entire OS! (windows 7)

    Nero Minded

      I did not submit this issue right away because I wanted to run thorough diagnostic tests on my machine before posting. GPU, RAM and CPU all passed with flying colors, so here it goes...


      Windows 7 64

      intel i7 Ivy Bridge-E 3.4

      32 gigs ADATA DDR3 2600

      Samsung 500GB SSD (OS Drive)

      EVGA GTX 780 Ti Superclocked 3GB


      This is a new system I built, but before the update, I have worked in AE for long periiods of time, and would have an occasional AE crash, but nothing like this...and nothing this frequent.



      Since the update, I will be using after effects for roughly around 20-40 minutes, and then it will stop responding. Then I will try to open my task manager, ctrl alt del wont work, right clicking on the task bar wont work, then all of windows is unaccessable. Before I go into more details, has anyone expereicned this before?


      Please help! Work is backing up!