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    Magnetic lasso tool misbehaving (closing too quickly)

    Jeremy Scharlack

      I moved to Photoshop CC on my new computer and I've had some major problems with the magnetic lasso. This is very different than the behavior I've had with all the previous photoshop versions I've used.


      What happens is that I start along and then hit Option (alt) to chang it into a polyginal lasso. And then sometimes (not all the time) the lasso just 'cloes' on me. Really annoying as I used to find this a very useful way to draw a selection.


      I thought it might be that I was clicking too fast, registering a double click, but it happens sometimes when I click slowly.


      I tried trashing my prefs but that didn't work. Photoshop is fully updated.


      I'm on a Macbook pro running Mavericks 10.9 if that helps.


      Any help would be appreicated. Thanks.