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    Need help changing the saved signature


      Hello. Each time I try to change the saved signature in Acrobat XI, rather than the selected signature showing on screen I'm getting the "APPROVED" stamp. So far I have tried installing Acrobat updates, restarting my machine, changing the saved signature on different files, and changing the signature in a brand new, freshly created PDF. Nothing has worked. There is some background:


      When Acrobat XI was initially installed on this machine, I immediately loaded my electronic signature, a scanned image that is saved as a PNG. Some time ago a colleague needed a document electronically signed and emailed, but she did not have Acrobat on her machine. I offered to sign it for her if she would send me the document and a scan of her signature. I changed the saved signature from mine to hers, signed her document, and sent it back. Now I need to sign a couple of documents of my own and I'm unable to change the saved signature back. Is this a glitch? Does anyone have a fix?


      Many thanks for any thoughts or solutions!