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    Properties malfunction

    ArcherPH Level 1

      WHen loading DW CS6 from the Dreamweaver Icon, the last site I was using loads, but the bottom portion of the screen where the properties box is does not show up completely - the right half of it is missing:


      IF I click on a file (index.htm) to load DW (which does NOT open any of my sites at the same time), then I get two error messages, and when it is done loading, the TARGET and the TITLE are present in the properties box.





      How can I get DW to display the full properties screen when attached to a site?

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Looks like a bad installation. 

          Did this just begin happening or has CS6 always behaved like this?




          Nancy O.

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            ArcherPH Level 1

            While it has not always behaved like this, I have been "putting up" with the problem for so long I cannot remember exactly when it happened to start.  If not for the accidental loading of a file today, without loading the program/site first, I would not have realized the problem is "conditional".  Which it surely is.


            I have 12 sites that I manage, and this problem is consistent with all of them, provided I load DW first, then open the site. 

            I had simply given up and decided it was a flaw in the program that could not be addressed.  but now, given that it does NOT happen if I "call" DW by clicking on the index.htm file I wish to edit, I have to conclude I managed to mis-configure something.  I've run updates to the DW with no improvement.  I guess the next logical step is to uninstall, then reinstall...hmmm, come to think of it, I have tried that many months ago, and it did not fix this weirdness.  One of the most confounding aspects of DW is that you can really screw up the configuration/display of the program on the screen and have *no* clue as to what went wrong/how to fix it.  And yes, I've spent many an hour with online Lynda and Adobe tutorials..... so I have a better handle on the program than before, but this buglet has me bumfuzzled.  (techie term from the early 80's...)

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              ArcherPH Level 1

              so, no one up here has ever seen part of the properties area on the screen get excrunged?

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                Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I'm not sure what the alerts are all about, you might want to try the troubleshooting here (#4 is especially useful for all sorts of DW issues)...




                The truncated Properties panel is typically caused by using too low a resolution setting on the monitor. DW requires a minimum of 1280x800

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                  ArcherPH Level 1

                  Would the truncation problem happen conditionally if it was related to the system screen resolution (which is set to 1920 x 1080 on my laptop)?  IOW, it happens only if I start dreamweaver from the start programs menu, and it loads one of my defined sites (both large and small sites).  If I choose instead to start dreamweaver by clicking on my index.html file, that is when I get the two popup error messages, but after ok'ing them, when dreamweaver loads (without opening a defined site) then the truncation does NOT happen.


                  I'll go through the options on the link you provided more carefully, but at first blush none of them seem to address this.    Really strange.