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    I'm not a programmer but I work with .cfm in Dreamweaver CC


      Well at least until recently when Adobe decided to stop supporting their own ColdFusion services in Dreamweaver in the hopes we'd move to ColdFusion Builder 2. I tried CFB 2 but I work on the visual end with CSS and template/theme design layout, not the programming end. I go as far as using <cfincludes> in my html templates... and it's critical to view work in progress.


      As a CC customer, it seem very unfair to deprecate mission critical (yet very basic features) such as opening a .cfm file. YES, i've seen the work around but per Adobe Tech support 12/19/13 this update no longer works on MAC.


      So here's my suggestion to Adobe... I'll pay you the $300.00 for whatever... call it a CFB2 fee but give me back the ability to open .cfm files (easily) from within Dreamweaver CC. I'll continue to pay months subscription fees and can get back to work rather than looking for a new HTML editor.


      What Say You, Adobe?