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    Unreliable Video performance in Premiere Pro CS5.5


      Hi there all ..Since rebuilding my PC to replace the original rotating OS disk with an SSD, I have been having all sorts of hassle with Premiere Pro CS5.5... in essence, video is often (but always) choppy although the frame counter advances smoothly... Audio is OK


      The issue that causes me the most angst is the demand for hi speed transfer... Why is this needed?  Here is the root of my lack of understanding:


      I can record 113 minutes of 1920 x 1080 imagery at 25fps on a single 32GB Secure Digital card.. this represents a transfer rate of less than less than 5MB per sec.. So why can't my external G-Speed 4-drive bay (using a pair of drives in RAID 0) push data into Premiere Pro fast enough over a single 3Gb e-sata link fast enough to prevent choppy video??


      Essentials of the system are:


      Asus PT6 SE Motherboard

      Intel i7 920 @ 2.97GHz

      24GB Ram

      NVidia GeForce GTX 580 Video Card (3GB Video RAM)


      OS resides on a 500GB Crucial SSD


      Project Data on a GSpeed 4-bay eSATA drive.  Drive 0 and 1 configured as RAID0 (Drives 2 and 3 are RAID 1 and act as one of two backup locations)


      I have run the PPBM 5.5 tests and have the results. As simple as they are, I do not know how to interpret them :-)




      Your thoughts would be appreciated on what insight I can derive from the test results and second, why the heavy duty emphasis on Disk I/O performance when 5MB / sec gets you full HD...





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          JEShort01 Level 4

          PPBM5 scores are in seconds, and the lower the #, the better things are working:


          Disk I/O - and 539 is simply HORRIBLE; something is really wrong with something in your system (failing drive, bad driver, rotating drives over 90% full, etc.)


          CPU test for DVD - 81 is OK


          CPU test for Blu-ray - 52 is a pretty good score


          Timeline w/ GPU - 9 is fine


          I'd suggest moving over to another test tool, HD Tune Pro or similar drive testing tool and do some testing on your drive speed where nothing else in envolved. You should test all your drives / arrays separately.





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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            Jim is correct above.


            Get yourself one good drive like the Seagate ST2000DM001 and put it internal and if you are setup properly it should be in the 100 seconds or under range on that Disk I/O test.  Do get something like the suggested HDTune Pro to find your disk problems

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              Steve736 Level 1

              Hi  there Jim


              Well, I guess “Disk I/O - and 539 is simply horrible” gets nicely to the point   The first task is to find out which one since I presume the number combines performance time of Video and scratch disks…


              No disk approaches 90% capacity.. so that is out.  I do have one drive that is showing signs of getting flaky though it is not one used by PP…  Dodgy driver?  Hmm could well be.. I have HD Tune Pro..I will run it again and see what it comes up with.


              I had an email from Harm echoing your thoughts and he also provided me with a link to follow up..


              Thanks for your insight I will let you know what I find..






              (PS If I don’t get this done before Chrimble, let me offer you Season’s Greetings )

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                Steve736 Level 1

                Hi there Bill,




                Many thanks for additional insight and suggestions… it is gratefully received




                With best wishes for the season..





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                  Steve736 Level 1

                  Hi there Jim and Bill,


                  Have been using HD Tune to check out the drives.. The 'C' drive is an SSD and has the performance you would expect.. The one that I think should be better is the RAID0 array.. I have attached the benchmark bitmap.. To me, its performance is marginally WORSE than a single rotating disk... ????


                  RAID0 Benchmark.jpg


                  All the suggestions made by Harm have been either confirmed as being in place already or changes made.. so far, re-running the benchmark has shown no improvements.


                  I am beginning to wonder if there is a hard fault somewhere but am hoping it something daft lurking in Environment variables or BIOS settings...

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                    JEShort01 Level 4



                    The raw read # may be just a might bit slow, but the pattern is really saw-toothed. Try re-running the Benchmark test again with file/options/block size = 2MB. Also, run the "file benchmark" test on all 3 arrays with the following settings; this will allow for both the read and write side to be measured (rotating drives can have write issues while disk reads may be just fine):







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                      Steve736 Level 1

                      Hi there Jim,


                      Will do…  As ever, thanks for your time and insight… 


                      The saw-tooth pattern intrigued me too and added a little to the thought about a hard fault somewhere..


                      At present, I only have two arrays - a RAID0 array and a RAID1 for intermediate backup… only the RAID0 (and a separate scratch disk) is used directly by Premiere Pro.


                      You may not be surprised to read I am putting this all aside for couple days


                      I hope you and yours have a grand break…