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    Any solution to berserk controls - bug in PrE12?

    Kawika808 Level 1

      Has anyone experienced the following


      Timeline (Expert) and controls go crazy – “Undo” turns into an unstoppable rewind, selection box won’t stop, gets sticky, follows the cursor everywhere.  Hard to replicate, but happened more than once.  Had to close program.

      CAUSE(?)  Hard to replicate.

      Happens when dragging a selection box to select a string of clips. (Place cursor on track, drag along the string of clips to be selected, release.) The box won’t stop acting, gets sticky, follows the cursor everywhere.  If I try to click Undo, the Undo turns into rewind (running the CTI back to the start of the timeline) and the box continues to expand to include the entire track.


      I have found no solution except to curse inwardly and close the program.  Esc doesn't help.


      I have tried numerous times to replicate on a dummy project, but couldn't.  However it certainly doesn't hesitate to happen when I'm in the midst of something that matters. 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What operating system are you using?


          Yours are not typical experiences at all, so something is very much up on your machine.


          Although Macs with Retina displays are notorious for this kind of buggy behavior.

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            Kawika808 Level 1

            PC (HP Pavilion dv7), 8GB RAM, Win7.


            I do have various languages enabled (Japanese, Chinese Taiwan, Chinese PRC, English), and the shortcut key for switching among them is Shift-Alt (also used for nudging clips on timeline), but this does not seem to be the issue.  (As long as you take some action within PE12 after pushing Shift-Alt, the language setting will not change.)  I have tested with various languages activated and could not replicate the problem.


            I know that with some of these things there is either a combination of actions that the program doesn't like, or the user hits some key by mistake that triggers some part of the program.  I was hoping that if it was one of these, that someone might have had the same problem.  (This is how I learned about the issue of language keyboards.)


            I have disabled the language keyboards to see if this was the problem.  If it was, it's a bug, since PE12 is capable of generating beautiful titles in Japanese.  Seems odd to design a program to do this, when enabling the Japanese input causes problems with the program.  (According to several online posts, it does.)



            I disabled all FL keyboards.  This did not end the problem.

            Problem seems much more likely to occur when "lassoing" large blocks of clips.



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