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    Edge Animate free version


      Hi I would like to know where I could fnd the free version of Edge Animate. I had it installed but had to reinstall everything on my computer and now I can't seem to find where to download it. I can find the 30 day trial but the other worked just fine.


      Does anyone know where to get the older version?




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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, RJ-


          This forum link might help you.




          Please note that browsers are constantly changing, and the free version already has some incompatibilities due to the shift.  We recommend that you use Animate CC for that reason; we won't fix any bugs in the 1.5 version that aren't reproducible in CC.





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            RThomps51 Level 1

            Thank you Elaine

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              I'm dissapointed to know that the last stand alone version of Edge is being abandoned. I have used this programing suite since Macromedia had Dreamweaver and after 7 or 8 upgrades now have CS6 and I really don't want to migrate to the cloud service. I'm curious how well received the transition to a cloud only service has been.


              At this point I'm doing some tutorials in Edge 1.5 to get familiar with the application with some difficulty. I have uploaded to my web host on a linux server as well as run the files on the local preview server. 


              I too see this issue with my animations not playing in IE 11 (Windows 7 pro). All other browsers, each in latest version, work well. (I havent tried Safari) I get an error in the preloader :


              "SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'okToLaunchComposition'

              File: symbols_start_edgePreload.js, Line: 26, Column: 118"


              I tried to modify the preloader file according to the workaround posted by Joe Bowden in October but that didn't solve the problem. This error is farther into the file than that positing seems to be addressing. Is there any other possible solutions? Is there a list of known incompatibilities that one could use to help debug other issues found?


              Thanks for any help,


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                armathews Level 1

                All interested,


                I did a little more experimentation and found that rather than replace the snippet from the yepnope.1.0.2.js with the snippet from yepnope.1.5.4.js, I replaced the entire contents. I also replaced the yepnope.js file with the 1.5.4 version. I had to leave the file name as yepnope.1.0.2 (inaccurately) to make it work. I guess there is a reference to that name somewhere? but I couldn't find it to update it too. This made my animations work fine in all the browsers I have installed including IE11.


                I hope this is helpful,