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    Adjustment brush in 8.3 is not working???


      Upgraded Bridge and camera raw from the adobe creative cloud desktop.  Also upgraded all CS6 apps. Upgrade went smoothly.  Having problem in Camera Raw 8.3.  The problem is with the adjustment brush.  It is not working at all.  I can add a new adjustment, when I make any adjustment there is no adjustment made. Also I cannot see the mask, or cannot toggle mask on and off.  Absolutely no adjustment with adjustment brush.    Running windows 8.


      Then I went and paid for the 9.99 subscription.  Downloaded both ps cc, bridge cc and lightroom 5.  Download fine, all apps working fine with both versions installed.  Having same issue with the adjustment brush when using bridge cc to ACR camera raw 8.3. 


      First time user of lightroom, seems like the adjustment brush inside lightroom will make the adjustment.  I can’t see where to toggle on and off the mask.  I see the “mask:” at top of adjustment panel but nothing next to it or unable to click anything.  I will continue to understand/figure out how the mask works in lightroom.  When I click automask again I dont see a mask??


      Any suggestions on why the adjustment brush is not working in 8.3 in both CS6 and CC???


      Hope I have explained this well enough?