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    Code beautifier for MXML and Actionscript

      After I download the latest beta of FlexBuilder 3, I am impressed by the great improvement over Flexbuilder 2 in terms of feature and performance. But there are two oversights that I can't help but troubled by it if Flex will to be a development tool that I might be purchased in the future.

      One important oversight is the lack of code beautifer. Code beautifier is a important feature because it makes the code humanely readable and enforce consistency of coding style. Moreover, given that much of the code is copied over the internet and pasted which cause the code to lose its formatting, I am baffled if I have to use external code beautifer to format and paste it back to Flexbuilder, and I hardly imagine how much time I have been wasted doing that in a day. Serious developer will lament the lack of it especially Flexbuilder cost hundred of dollars and that it is now in its third incarnation and probably should have this valuable feature by now.

      Another problem I facing is Run application command. If I run the flex application, the Window will show. But after I modified the code and rerun it without closing the original window, the window will appear but will not be updated with the changes. The question I ask is why should the Window not be updated with the latest code change if it is brought on the screen ? Is this something Flex works or is this rectified in final release ?

      I hope Adobe Flex team address the above two issues mentioned. Thx
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          matthew horn Level 3
          With regard to the second issue, you should be able to to do a refresh to have the latest compiled SWF load. Otherwise, yes, you;d have to close the browser and then click Run.
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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
            We unfortunately didn't have time in this release to build a good automatic code formatting feature. We're aware it is a popular request and will certainly be taking a close look at it for our next version. This is being tracked at https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-21.

            Your second question I'm assuming is about AIR applications. Unfortunately, right now you have to manually close the app before running it again. This is https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-9660. If you're running an application in the browser or the standalone Flash player, launching a second time should open a new tab or window.

            We plan to enable voting soon for Deferred bugs like the two listed above, so be sure to check back and put in your votes if these issues are important to you!

            Hope that helps,

            - Peter
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              GeekyCoder Level 1
              thank for the response, and I'm glad to know that Adobe team will build and fix those capabilities in the future.