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    Verity error

    PHRED-SE Level 1
      We recently moved from CF6 to CF8. Other than Verity indexing being extremely slow, I thought all was going well until I tried to run my Create Collections procedure. These collections were to be populated under program control from MSAccess database(s). I have been running this procedure for over 5 years on CF6 and earlier versions without a hitch. I was setting up my 5th system under CF8 when this successful string ended.

      My procedure crashed with the error message, "Unable to register collection [collection name]". I had seen this error a couple of times previously, but just running the procedure again had always sorted things out successfully. It didn't work this time. I rebooted the server but nothing changed. I modified my code so that each of the 21 <cfcollections> in the procedure was with it's own <cftry><cfcatch> routine. Having each contained like this, enabled me to power thorugh all the of creation procedures regardless of how many "failed". If one creation failed, the next might fail or might work so one failure didn't guarantee all failures.

      It turns out, that creations didn't fail completely. The collections were actually being created and seemed to work onced they were populated under program control (<cfindex>) with data from an MSAccess database. So I assumed that whatever this message meant, it wasn't a fatal error. I continued to make changes to procedure to see if there was some further info I could get to tell me what was going on. I finally learned something when there was a new error: "Unable to connect to the ColdFusion Search service."

      This time rather than reboot the server, which never seemed to help anyway, I restarted each of the 5 ColdFusion services one at a time from the bottom up; i.e., CF8 Search Server, CF8 ODBC Server, ..., CF8 Application Server. I have gotten serveral clean creations since this.

      So, does anyone out there know what these errors are all about and how you can prevent them?

      Thanks in advance for your help.