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    Some pages change from master page to custom size without me asking it to




      This is a small, but frustrating issue.


      I'm laying out a newspaper. No custom sizes.


      I have Three Master Pages: One for the cover, one for 95% of the rest of the paper, and one for classifieds.


      Every once in a while, I'll look at the rule at the bottom of the page and notice that it isn't aligned to my grid. Somehow, without me intending or asking it to, a custom page size has been applied to the page.


      Because most of the ads carry forward from issue to issue, I'll frequently just carry forward the last issue, resaving it under the new pub date. Every issue I will take and apply the A-Master to all the pages (save cover and classifieds) to get rid of these custom pages, and every issue, there'll be one or two that pop up.


      Did I accidentally hit a key combo that changed the page setup from Master to Custom? Is this a bug? Whatever is happening is happeneing without my direct intenstion, and I'd like to know why to figure out how to stop it.


      I'm using CC on Win 7.