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    Text Wrap Feature Suddenly Disappeared


      I've been using InDesign for years and years. I currently have CS5. Suddenly, the text wrap feature was completely missing from InDesign. This feature was always something that I used almost on a daily basis- suddenly it jsut disappeared! I tried several things to make it come back, including the simple keyboard shortcut, but nothing worked. I talked to someone with Adobe and after they gave me several things to do in InDesign which didn't help bring the feature back, they said that they think that the text wrap feature's file must have gotten damaged somehow and I should uninstall and reinstall indesign. This is on my work computer and my company bought me the creative suite years ago, and i'm not sure where all the license info and all that is.


      So my question is, does anyone else know a solution to this problem? Or do you think my best bet is to just uninstall and reinstall it? And will i have any issues doing this, since I don't have any of the serial numbers or anything from the original purchase? Thanks SO much for your help!