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    Removing character styling in CC?

    Brighton Lance Level 1

      Wondering if there if there is a shortcut buried anywhere in InDesign CC that allows character styling to be removed?


      As an example:


      I might currently select a word in a paragraph and apply a pre-made italic character style (usually using a numbered shortcut, eg keypad 1 on right side of my keyboard applies italic version of my body font).


      If I subsequently change my mind and want that word back into Roman, I (slightly laboriously) select the same word and then call up the character styling palatte and then click '[None]' at the top of that palette.


      It would be nice just to play a keyboard shortcut that does the same (ie, take off any character styling applied to that individual word).



      I thought I had found it within the CC keyboard shortcut sets under Edit > Keyboard shortcuts > (Product area) Text and tables > Clear Character Overrides but it doesn't seem to work.


      It's not a major thing and I'm probably just being a bit dim but any help appreciated