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    Display CLOB object  into Actionscript

      Can any body please help me How to Display CLOB object inside ActionScript.

      iam retrived CLOB object from database that object iam unable to display or set in to Actionscript

      thank you
      from prapansolutions

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I know that CLOB is basically a large amount of text,right?

          How big are you talking?

          I don't know if there's a download limit on, for example, a LoadVars request... I couldn't find any reference to one.

          But if you can just output the value of the text serverside then you can catch it in flash via a LoadVars onData handler in response to a LoadVars load or sendAndLoad. I'd imagine its probably better to catch the raw text straight off using onData like that, sent as the only content in the http response.

          If its too big you might want to split it up and send chunks of it separately. I've never tried this with huge amounts of text before... but if the browser could handle loading it in one http response, then flash should be able to as well I think.
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            Greg Dove Level 4
            So just to clarify, I think the way to do it would be with the onData handler of a LoadVars load target. The question I don't know the answer to is:

            How much CLOB could a LoadVars load if a LoadVars could load CLOB?

            -Sorry I couldn't resist.