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    Photo zooms in PP producing lo-res images from hi res sources

    Nick Snow

      Greetings - for my job I'm working with a ton of hi res red carpet stills and many of them are oriented in portrait mode. They're all 5+ MB hi res images, so I've got plenty of wiggle room to zoom in on them, but I've noticed that no matter the original resolution, it goes to crap when the zoom is performed in Premiere. Exhibit A:



      Yet when I bring that same exact image into photoshop and perform the same 250% zoom, export then bring that image into Premiere, it looks like this:



      I'm kind of stumped at this point. Because I'm mostly prepping B roll packages that are somewhat animation-heavy, I can't be prepping all of these in Photoshop. Is there an option to fix the way Premiere processes stills?


      Many thanks in advance!