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    Evolution of Kuler

      I am using Kuler very often, especially now when it is built in CS3 Illustrator, and I decide to give
      something back to Kuler.

      Because I am designer I (and all of you who uses Kuler) have some other needs.

      My proposal is to put some new cool features in Kuler, like choosing and creating of GRADIENTS,
      Shades, shadows, and maybe brushes. To add a feature for creating favorites for AdobeID users. I know that out there are some genious ideas and I want to make a priority list of our needs frome that creative side, and to make summary of most important. Then we will contact adobe, and I am sure they will make:

      KULER2 AN ULTIMATE CREATIVE SOLUTION to make unique palettes, unique gradients, compare strokes, make unique shapes, and many more... innovative, collaborative solution, KULER 2

      Please participate and give your suggestion.