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    various font sizes

    dougcoms Level 1

      I have used em for fonts and am having problems with sizes in Chrome (only) is there a way to control Chrome font size?

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Em values are probably the most difficult values to work with. Here's why: 1em is equal to the current font-size of the element in question. If you haven't set a base font size anywhere on the page, then it would be the browser's default, which is probably 16px. So by default 1em = 16px.   If you were to go and set a font-size in your browser or the body of your CSS to say 20px, then 1em = 20px.


          Ensure your Chrome browser's zoom level is set to normal -- Ctrl+0 (zero) = normal or 100% zoom level. 


          Also ensure that your Chrome browser is using a default font-size of 16px and not 20px.


          Establish a base font-size in your body CSS.


          body {

          font-size: 16px;



          #wrapper {

          font-size: 1em;



          Nancy O.