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    photoshop won't start at all


      windows 8 can not start photoshop although downloaded and udated

      sometimes starts but usually won't even show in task manager after using icon

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without proper system info, version info and details from your event viewer this isn't going anywhere. For al lwe know you could be using an incompatible older version of PS and then this could be normal...



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            myberney Level 1

            Windows 8 64 bit , i7, SSHD 256 Gb brand new download and update of PS CC

            on a brand new computer.

            my old version of PS works just fine thank you

            Lightroom works fine

            PS is messed up

            also did a registary repair

            also set up an icon to point to the PS program

            won't start won't even show up in task manager


            only starts after I quit and move on to another task then I find out later that PS is running in the background.

            the Program is too laggy and dysfunctional