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    experimental GPU-accelerated H264-encoder plugin for NVidia Kepler GPU

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      A few months ago, I posted an experimental third-party exporter for Premiere CS6.  The plugin uses the hardware-video encoder (NVENC) of the NVidia Kepler GPU (GTX650 and better.)  At the time, NVENC encoding-speed in Premiere Elements 11 was poor; it was almost no faster than Premiere's built-in Mainconcept H264 encoder (which uses pure software encoding.)


      With Elements 12, under ideal conditions NVENC encoding speed almost matches Premiere Pro CS6.  For doing a *straight* re-encode of a 1920x1080p24 source H264-video (no effects, no resizing, etc.), NVENC is roughly 3x-4x faster than Mainconcept. Of course, CS6 has the hardware-accelerated MPE video-renderer whereas Elements 12 doesn't, so CS6 is still much faster if you do a lot of video effects and manipulation.)



      Adobe Premiere Elements 12 (Windows)

      NVidia Geforce Kepler GPU (GTX650 and above, should work with cards that support "ShadowPlay")

      NVidia Geforce drivers from December 2013 (or newer)



      nvenc_export is experimental, unsupported software: you should not install it unless you are comfortable with working with third-party plugins.  (There's no installer package, you have to manually copy files to your Premiere installation-path as Administrator.)



      You really should read the included readme file.  But I also tried my best to make a tutorial-video on the installation procedure.  Watch it here: http://youtu.be/wPrcQ133YE0


      Download link is in this discussion thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5912769#5912769

      (Make sure to download version 1.06 or later)