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    Grammar check

    tech writer - biq
      Hi All,
      Is there any fature available with RoboHelp for Microsoft HTML Help 9 to check grammar in the WYSIWIG? Please help me on this at the earliest..

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Only by outputting to Word and using the feature there. Nothing inbuilt.

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            tech writer - biq Level 1
            Ya thank you sir..
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              My suggestion would be not to rely on an automated tool to check spelling and grammar. I know that Word's grammar checker is occasionally wrong and there are some words (usually technical terms) that Word's dictionary doesn't contain by default.

              After I write, I go over my material to correct the various mistakes I introduced while I was writing. After I'm done, I submit my material for review. The QA team where I work is *supposed* to check my work but usually only for technical accuracy. For that reason, I also request a review by my manager and the manager of one other department. It's amazing what a fresh set of eyes will find.

              Sorry for the rant, but I don't think that technology is always the best solution to correct and define human communications. Do you have anyone where you are who could fulfill this function for you?

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                tech writer - biq Level 1
                Ya, that is the case usually. Always the work is checked for technical aspect of coverage and not on the content. My PM reviews my work but doesnt check the language errors. It will be an embarrassing moment to find the mistake while with the client. I do manually check my document but at times, these automated tool will help to cover the work a little earlier.