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    Issues Activating CS3 on Win7 64 bit



      I have contacted Adobe online support in a chat session on this and they suggested I come here.


      I have a new PC with Win7 64bit.


      Im trying to install my old CS3 software on the new PC.


      Install goes fine.


      But Im having issue with activating my product. ( Im just amatuer so I really dont want to buy newer software)


      My serial code is valid and Adobe has checked and reset the account stating that I should be able to activate my software.




      Starts when I try to activate my software. The process starts...and the install window goes to a blank while its trying to activate ( contact Adobe )

      After maybe 30 to 45 seconds the install window comes back with a window telling me " Activation - No Connection"

      The has options to wait, or try again, or call Adobe.


      Adobe online chat support stated that the problem is because Im running a 64 bit OS.

      Im a systems engineer and that just doesnt make sense to me, sounds like a cop out by support team.

      Now I was using my WI-FI to activate....but I doubt that is my issue.

      I will try with hardline.

      Im hoping someone has a work around to help