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    Project settings for .AVI files containing SVHS footage?

    Gerald Couper

      What are the best Project Settings to use with (uncompressed) .AVI files containing SVHS camcorder footage in NTSC 4:3 format.


      SVHS is not explicitly mentioned in the choices.  I would like to retain as much resolution as possible.



      • Source = Magnavox Movie Maker Camcorder
      • Tape Format === SVHS (2 hours per tape)
      • Video Standard = NTSC
      • Aspect Ratio === 4:3
      • Converter ===== Tapes were converted to .AVI files using a Canopus ADVC300 (S-Video in to Firewire out) .
      • Compression == I believe the files are uncompressed.  2 hours of footage is about a 25 GigaByte file. 3.47 MegaBytes per second?
      • Audio ======== Stereo



      As a guess, I would choose NTSC-DV-Standard 48Khz .


      Is this the best choice?

      Will this setting preserve all the SVHS video resolution ?


           Thank you,