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      Hello!  How do i reset the factory defaults in CS4?  I was reducing my raw files to post images online to 72 ppi.  however when I insert 300ppi for printing, the image becomes huge at hundreds of p.  unchecking the resample box makes the image in inches tiny.  Please help.  I am stuck.  Thank you!!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Of course an image with say only 300 pixels will result only being one inch wide at 300 DPI because those 300 pixels are fitted into that range. Conversely, fitting those 300 pixels at 72DPI will make it about 4.5 inches wide. I really think you misunderstand the relation between absolute pixels and physical units and need to read up on that.



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            painthearts001 Level 1

            Thank you for the advice.  Before I learned to make file sizes smaller to protect posted images, the 'Image size' box was static and my images were enlargeable to 42.5x28inches.  The resolution was always 300 and MB size was never in the hundreds.   Not being expert I did not want my posted images printable if they were 'dragged' off. However, now that I choose to provide files for printing with other protections such as a watermark, I find that I can't get rid of the 72ppi without causing the file size to become ridiculous.  That is why I need to know how to do the defaults.   If you can help, please do.  Thank you.