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    Slow refresh rate when scrolling timeline

    emanuelecolombo Adobe Community Professional

      Hi everybody,

      I am having a problem since I moved from AE CS5.5 to CS6, and it still persist on CC.


      When I have lots of layers on the Timeline (enough to fill the screen) scrolling up and down becomes slow and painful

      I am working on a Macbook Pro 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 16 Gb Ram bought in 2012. I have just formatted it, reinstalling AE CC and the problem still persist, both scrolling with the trackpad or with my mouse. Grabbing scrolls bars seems a bit better, but there is still some lag as the scroll is initiated.


      I have done some research on Google, and it seems I am not the only one:



      The only way to make it scroll as it was in CS5.5 is opening the Timeline dropdown menu on the top left corner, and disabling "Show Cache Indicators". It worked for me and for all the people who talked about the same issue in the link I just posted.


      The fact is Cache Indicators are fundamental in my workflow, does anybody knows if there is a way to solve this annoying problem?