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    Can anyone explain the difference between software packages


      Hi, newbie speaking.

      I have purchased an i-mac from the computer manufacturer. With this computer purchase there is a software package on offer only at the time of purchase. The package is CS6 Design Standard Student and Teacher, (download).

      I hope to be able to buy CS6 in the future.

      I am confused.

      At college we use CS6 and this software package costs £624 to buy at an online store. The software package on offer with the computer manufacturer retails at £333 from the same on line store.

      The Design Standard Student and Teacher software is undoubtably being discounted by the computer manufacturer, but I do not know if the CS6 photo manipulation sotware is the same in both packages.

      Can anyone please clarify if there is any difference between the two packages and what each one is designed for. I only want to manipulate photographs, not make graphs etc .I don't want to buy something, despite it's cheap price, that I won't use. I'd rather pay more for something that is useful to me.