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    i cant install flash player on my razr i android 4.1.2 what is happen i buy the app and didnt work


      Well when i finally buy my new cell and get out from symbian os one off the first things i gonna do is install flash player for listen my music on last fm and see the movies from streaming but i am too disapoint cause i goo to google store and find a free app from flash this make me soo happy ok i download it when i see its only say the version i need to buy and its 5 euro i am a brazilian here is almost 16 R$ a big assalt for app but i know flash soo good and buyed it via paypal it send me to a download page i get it there but when i gonna install it, it say the app is not install, the pack seens to be corrupt, i see the forum i make my configuration for app from outside but even like this did not install someone can help me i am get crazy with it.