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    WebService : error to retrieve big result gzip encoded

      Hi, I have a strange error with Results from Webservice SOAP when data is encoded in gzip or deflate mode.

      I have a webservice that return in non encoded mode a resultset of 95542 Bytes.
      The same resultset compressed in gzip is 8251 Bytes.

      No problem if there is no encoding between server and Flash Player (9,0,47 and 9,0,115 used)
      If Accept-Encoding header is set to gzip, deflate, then server send resultset encoded.
      Browser receive this resultset (trace with WireShark), but Flash Player don't load the result and the WebService go to timeout !!

      If I limit the data returned for this webservice by limiting number of rows returned, Flash is able to handle the result. For example : uncompressed data of 84070 Bytes give an encoded resultset of 7506 Bytes and theses data are well handled by flash player.

      I don't understand where is the problem.
      Does flash player have gzip decompression limitation ?

      Please help