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    Issue with graphic not rendering on export




      I am currently working on assembling together a portfolio using InDesign. I decided to implement a graphic behind the text section of each page, but for some reason it doesn't show on export. However, this only occurs when viewing the document on my MacBook - when I'm on my Windows 8 laptop, it shows. Even using the exact same export file.


      Would anyone know the reason for this? I'm not sure if it's the settings of my .pdf viewer on my MacBook or not.


      I have uploaded the .pdf and .indd files here:


      .pdf http://au.haneuri.net/jakecohen/Drawing%20Programme.pdf


      .indd http://au.haneuri.net/jakecohen/Drawing%20Programme.indd


      This is my first post here, so I hope I'm posting correctly!


      Thanks in advance,


      Jake Cohen