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    Tips for creating a similar photo effect

    dasikins Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I am looking for tips or techniques in creating a similar effect as the image I attached.


      Here is what I do know:


      - the image has a texture overlaying it

      - looking at the histogram I can see the tonal information on the lighter side

      - some blurring has occured


      Here is what I would like to achieve and would greatly appreciate your help on:


      - looking at the mountains you can see the almost painterly effect, which maybe was softly painted to mask details with a brush

      - the color information is very precise on specific parts (i.e., there is little varation, parts are primarily one color not showing tonal varation)

      - creating the above while still keeping some of the details. It appears very professional, but if I were to select the pieces and even feather the selection and fill it with a mask, it would not look as precise. Sorry if that doesn't make sense just ask I will clarify.

      - for photographers what type of image is this? For instance, it's not an HDR or low key profile, but what would this be considered?


      If I need to clarify just let me know! Thanks so much!background1.jpg