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    Flash Player 11 won't install, XP


      Hi, Since being prompted to update Flash Player, I now cannot install it ( FP11) . Windows XP Home edition SP3. Pentium 4. No problems with earlier versions and updates, but now I have no Flash Player at all. Error message is 'Flash Player ActiveX control could not be registered', and installation stops.


      I am logged in as an administrator, have tried safe mode as Administrator, have even downloaded SubInACL.msi and run reset_fp10.cmd in the hope it (SubInACL) would run on Home Edition. It didn't.


      I've switched off the Windows firewall, enabled the scripting etc. in IE 8, as suggested in another thread


      I've tried all the FP downloads suggested in your help, saved and run directly. All come up with the same error message and the installation stops. Hope you can help. Thank you.