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    Ho to get the content of a cell?

    luciewong Level 1
      I have an editable DataGrid. If someone changes the data in a certain cell, -
      how can I get the new content of the cell?

      Something like
      var oldv = old value of cell
      var newv = new value after change.

      contentListener.onChanged = function (txt){ _level0.test9 = txt.text;//

      I have tried some of the DataGrid's offered Listeners like "cellEdit" or "change", but none of them would give me the content of the cell on/after Change.

      Thank you for your help,
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          luciewong Level 1
          The issue is this:
          I have 2 DataGrids. If a cell on one Grid is changed, the other Grid needs to get the new value and needs to be updated at runtime.
          How can I achieve this?

          And I cannot use Binding, because both Grids are attached dynamically and I cannot use a DataSet, because working with that is a nightmare and because it needs also to be attached physically. So…?

          Something like a TextListener, that records the text entered into the cell. The transport to the other Grid then I could manage.

          Any ideas?
          Thank you.