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    Please help. Why aren't my hyperlinks moving over from one document to another?


      Firstly I'm using Adobe InDesign 5.5


      I have document A, which has over 50 pages.


      Then document B, with over 40 pages.


      All the pages on document B, I want to 'move' over to document A, so document A will now have 90 pages and I'll no longer need document B. The issue is, when I move the pages over, the hyperlinks I have throughout document B don't move over (which there are over 30 hyperlinks on certain sections of certain pages).


      Now it seems like the only 'slow/safe' process of doing this, is to copy page 1&2 of Document B, and then 'paste in place' on document A, and then go back to B and copy pages 3&4. this is a long process...considering I have over 2,500 pages to get through.


      Why aren't the hyperlinks moving over? When I go back to document A, I click on the hyperlink tab and it's blank.


      It's really annoying and I'm trying to figure out why this is even happening and can't find any solution online.