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    Photoshop CC freezing after a minute or so... HELP!




      Im using a retina macbook pro 13inch w/ the latest version of photoshop cc.


      i've been using cc for a while now and its been fine, until late last week, I was pretty sure I applied an update, and its since been freezing after about a minute or so, then i get the spinning colour wheel of death and nothing happens. I have an incredibly urgent dealine to meet and am working remotely so I despreately need to get this solved.


      Here's what ive tried to solve the issue but to no avail...


      • logged out of creative cloud and logged back in

      • uninstalled photoshop cc and reinstaled again

      • restarted my machine

      • removed any third party plugins and scripts


      and still the same problem happens.


      PLEASE HELP!! - Many thanks