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    Multisession BD-R burn


      Is there a way to add (burn) a second video project on a BD-R disc in Elements 11? I get the error message "disc is not empty".

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can onloy burn a disc once. You can't add to it once it's been burned.


          If you have a rewriteable disc (RW) you can erase the disc and rewrite onto it. But you can't just add to an existing burn.

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            aguamann Level 1

            Thanks, I tried enabling "multisession burn to cd-dvd" in Organizer, but that has no effect in Elements. What does the multisession option pertain to in Organizer?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Given you set for

              Elements Organizer 11

              Edit Menu/Preferences/Files, enabling "Enable Multisession"


              This preference would pertain to any data disc opportunities in the Elements Organizer 11, for example,

              File Menu/"Copy/Move To Removable Disc"....the data disc of your Elements Organizer images would be created with the "Disc Creation by Sonic Software" of the Elements Organizer.


              When you go to use this same disc after the first session, you will get the message



              Other burn to in the Elements Organizer are no applicable multisession as they point to Premiere Elements for a burn which is non data disc type and oriented to burn to disc, all finalized.



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                aguamann Level 1

                Thank you for the clarification. I'll instead create one large project and burn all at once.