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    Locked items in InDesign


      All the items in my InDesign file are locked! My layer is not locked, and "Unlocked all items on spread/page.." is grayed out. I've restarted InDesign, opened an older file. Nothing has worked. As soon as I create an item anywhere on the page InDesign locks it.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Are you perhaps adding items to a master page?


          Do you see lock icons in the layers panel?


          Which version of ID and which OS?

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            Stargazer1930 Level 1

            Thanks for responding Peter. I ended up deinstalling CS6 and reinstalling it. I had checked my layers panel, and wasn't adding things to the master page. I even opened a new file, drew a text box and tried to move it with the mover tool and it was locked. I could move the handles and move it around numerically with the tool bar, but the mover tool was useless.


            Wish I could have found a less time consuming solution, but the reinstall did the trick.