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    Optimize Edge Animate Sliders/Pages/Symbols for larger animated projects


      Hey All,


      I'm looking for a way to optimize a several page slider created with Edge animate CC, it currently runs fine on the more current devices such as iphone 4s etc but anything older really chugs, the scenario (which i'm sure is a very common one) is:



      I have One Edge Animate file where I have created a several page slider where each page is a symbol that contains sub symbols which slide onto the page and the old page/symbol/contents slides off the page, there is a decent amount of animation looped on each page.  The total size of the slider code, images etc is about 800k total. There is no other content on the page, just this slider.


      The problem appears to be that each page symbol it's sub symbol and it's contents are active and continue to animate even when they are no longer on the stage so it would seem that it is actually processing all 7 pages at once, instead of just the current active page/symbol and it's contents.




      So my question is: Is there a simple way to optimize edge so that it only gets and processes One current Symbol/Page and it's sub symbols/contents at a time? Or am I somehow mistaken about the processing usage of the off stage/page contents?


      Thanks for your time, it's much appreciated! And a Merry Christmas to all who are reading here at this time of the year!