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    attachMovie under the Mask

    Bahaar Level 1
      I have a movie in which I have a "Mask arrangement." The arrangement is that I have a Mask layer with several "cutouts." That layer is masking the layer below it which has only a single movieclip. I position the movie clip under a particular cutout so that it shows, then do some other stuff with it. Here's the trick:

      At a certain point, I have that small movieClip execute an attachMovie and pull another movieClip from the library. I *want* it to be "under the masked layer" so that this new movieClip also is able to peek out through the holes in the mask.

      However, when I attachMovie the new movieClip appears ON TOP OF the mask instead of inside being masked. I've tried playing with various layer management tricks, but it's not working.

      I think the issue is that when I add a new movieClip to the stage, it's either going on a layer BELOW the mask (and the objects it should be masking)...so don't see it. Or it's going on a layer ABOVE the mask (and the objects it's masking).

      How do I get a new movieClip to appear "inside" the masking arrangment?