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    Help with Flash Player, Kindle, and Pearson eText


      Hi everyone,


      So, I'm not interested in hacking my kindle or anything crazy like that, but I would like to be able to read my online Biology textbook. It is Campbell's Biology 8th Edition found on the Pearson site. I don't know if this link would help. It's just the sign-in page https://register.pearsoncmg.com/userprofile/. I got the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 for Christmas and wanted to try and read my textbook, but low and behold, I need Adobe Flash Player 11.2 and of course it is not supported any more. I was able to get 11.1, but nothing more. All I want is to be able to read my textbook. Perhaps there is some way to turn it into a mass PDF that isn't printing evey individual page to a pdf creator? Is there some rare patch I can download for this? Any help!