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    photoshop redownload


      how can i reload my photoshop on my new computer since my old one completely crashed?

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          Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

          Please share the version of Ps you are using?




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            crottsmom Level 1

            CS5 EXTENDED


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            Which version of Ps you are using?






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              Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

              Please download the setup again from Internet and keep a copy of it for future use.




              Please download both files, Navigate to the directory where you saved the installation files and double-click the .exe(file1), this would extract the Ps CS5 installation files.


              After the files finish extracting, the installer launches automatically. If it doesn’t, go to the folder that contains the extracted files. Double-click Set-up.exe to begin installation.


              • Follow the onscreen instructions to install
              • When prompted for a serial number, enter your serial number and complete the installation.



              Follow the instructions mentioned carefully.




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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional



                You should be able to download the installation file by logging onto your Adobe account.  You'll find the serial number there as well.


                You are allowed to have Photoshop activated on up to two computers at any one time.  Since your last computer crashed, you will not have been able to deactivate it, so you can either use the second activation, or if you have already used it, you'll have to contact Customer support who will reset it for you.  Be warned that we think support is very slow at the moment because of people having problems installing the bundle deal.

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