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    Connect To Server (default behaviour in 8.5) help?

    JohnathonS Level 1
      I was having difficulty with the connectToNetServer command in my movies, so I opened my old Director 8.5 application to try to solve the problem and came across the 'Connect to Server' behavior that came with the program. When using it though it solves the main problem I was having with the client I'm making, but created its own set of problems.. For one, whenever I call the SendMessage handler, it gives an error stating that the handler that (should) hold the link to the multiuser xtra is void. I can't find what's causing this problem.. Maybe I'm calling on the sendMessage command incorrectly somehow.. perhaps you can tell me the correct way to call the command "send message" from another script to the one below to make it work properly, I've been using sendMessage(script "ConnectToServer", theotherpartsofthiscommand) to do it and it doesn't work properly... Maybe you can help.. and if you need a sample script to see what I mean I can put one together for you, just ask..

      Thanks in advance, the coding is in Director 8.5, and can be viewed at this location.