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    Recording and Screen Shots


      Using software simulation in Captivate 7 , I'm recoriding a project for an application that has many drop down arrows and typing insertions on 1 dialog box.  The challenge is each time I usethe mouse a new screen is created so the audio does not match the slide.  What am I doing wrong.  The Adobe HelpDesk said to use the Pause button to move to the next screen which then removes the mouse from the dialog box.


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, welcome,


          I suppose you use the Automatic capture, not the video demo recording since you are talking about slides.


          In automatic capture I really recommend to do the narration separately from the recording, synchronizing is not that hard because you have a lot of static slides. Only for mouse movements like dragging Captivate will switch to Full Motion Recording (FMR) which has a lower quality (set it to 32-bit). Personally I prefer to stop the automatic recording when I want a mouse movement to be captured and insert Recording Slide, HD Video Demo instead. You don't have to record everything at once, you can always add recording slides, either Video Demo or Automatic captured static slides.


          It is also possible to add mouse objects while editing. Are you bit new to Captivate?